At Your Service

At Your Service.

Daily creative treatments in urban environments delivered by artist-in-service Markuz Wernli Saitô. Rain or shine. Seven days a week. Free of charge.

In autumn 2006 everybody interested in Kyoto and Hakodate (Japan) was invited to join unusual one-hour experiences in everyday urban places, daily for 56 consequent days. In an effort to ignite our streamlined, hyper-functional lives with meaningful encounters and fresh discoveries I offered specific services for each day of the week at various times and locations. My service provision also included to file a service report and fabricate an online video clip from each action.

Project Documentary (Jan. 2006, 8:30min, 33MB)
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Momentarium Movie.

Describtion of daily actions

Mobile Tea Ceremony

MONDAYS: Mobile Tea Ceremony. Enjoy a simplified version of traditional Japanese hospitality in unusual settings: experience how to take a break and sip freshly whisked tea can transform the moment. Japanese tea ceremony my way.

I Love Trash Days

TUESDAYS: I Love Trash Days. It's time to finally express our gratitude towards a service we take for much too granted. Let's post as many thank you notes onto trash bags which address our heros of the day: Our Garbage Men.

City Canal Tours

WEDNESDAYS: City Canal Tours. Explore the metropolitan water ways of Kyoto and discover your town from a whole new perspective. Adventure in the open acquatic wildlife and wet feet are guaranteed.

Coin Mosaic

THURSDAYS: Coin Mosaic. Let's infuse new meaning to the tactile walkways and see how the contribution of many makes a decorative difference on under-utilized and sterile public inventory.

Tree Guarding

FRIDAYS: Tree Guarding. Gain a new appreciation for the trees on Kyoto's speediest and grayest street - that happens to be an overlooked parkway. Let's discover how trees are living chronists of urban development and human activity.

Bridge Sitting

SATURDAYS: Bridge Sitting. Bridges are not just the dull connectors for trafic to overcome obstacles. Every bridge offers itself as a stage in the landscape inviting you to sit down and take in the scenery up- and down stream.

Vending Machine Stories

SUNDAYS: Vending Machine Stories. This is the culmination point designed for busy folks who missed the weekday services. Meet the artist-in-service, hear the latest episodes of the preceeding week and ask your tough questions. This is story time.

At Your Service
GOT SERVICES in your town?
Then it is high time. It all starts with yourself. Try to launch them yourself or get my encouragement. You can also hire me as an Artist-in-Service who taylors public interventions to your circumstances.