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The Payphone Memorial.

Nine - soon to be dismantled - pay phones in Kyoto, Berlin and Linz have been converted into transitorial memorial sites for people to have their souvenir photo taken. That is commonly refered to as Collective Landmarking.

You are right: the technical advance (of mobile technology) can't be stopped. In Japan for example, the use of pay phones decreases annually by 20 percent. But think about it. Not only kids, the elderly and foreign travelers will always be in need of truly public (openly accessible) and affordable telephones. Also cellphone owners with spotty connection, dead batteries or the wrong provider... So lets preserve a good piece of public inventory before its too late.

TV News Feature broadcast by KBS Kyoto Television in July 2007 (3:30min, 13MB), in Japanese (don't mind the language since it is highly visual)
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Momentarium Movie.

The promise: Get a free souvenir photo with your favorite pay phone and celebrate a good piece of life line and public inventory in a time when things more and more turn to the private and individual.

Payphone Memorials in Europe

August 4, 2007 [#9]:
eventBerlin at Sonnenallee Street in Neukölln with the generous support of Ayumi Matsuzaka (12 participants, 7 payphone portraits).

July 25, 2007 [#8]:
eventLinz at Main Square with the endorsement of students and faculty of Transart Institute (14 participants, 8 payphone portraits).

Payphone Memorials in Japan

June 22, 2007 [#7]:
eventKyoto in Matsugata Shotengai alias Demachiyanagi shopping arcade (39 participants, 23 payphone portraits) made possible by the Shotengai management, Haruo Kondo, KBS Kyoto TV and Justin Ellis.

May 25, 2007 [#6]:
eventKyoto in Sanjo Shotengai shopping arcade (35 participants, 10 payphone portraits) supported by Miwa Kitaike, Karin-san, Tamami Ishihara and Tamae Isoda Naido.

May 20, 2007 [#5]:
eventKyoto in Arashiyama North (14 participants, 8 payphone portraits) endorsed by Makiko Hori, Takaki-san and Ryou Yamazaki, Edgar Franz and the Arashiyama Sake Shop.

May 19, 2007 [#4]:
eventKyoto at Kitano-tenamangu Shrine (74 participants, 24 payphone portraits) made possible by the Shrine's openmided administration, Miyuki Koichi, Rumiko Kawaii, Edgar Franz and Roger Walch.

May 18, 2007 [#3]:
eventKyoto at Seika University (35 first year students of Graphic Design program) with the support of John Einarsen and Justin Ellis.

May 13, 2007 [#2]:
eventKyoto at Kawabata-dori (8 participants, 6 payphone portraits) with the enthusiastic endorsement from Miki Matsumoto and Ted Taylor.

May 12, 2007 [#1]:
eventKyoto at Gingakuji-mae (35 participants, 10 payphone portraits) with the relentless support of Keiko, Mie, Yuka Saito, Shichijo Katsuya and Kame-chan.

The Payphone Memorial comes your way: Do you know a payphone in well-frequented location with a bit of space? Get in touch and lets organize the Payphone Memorial near you together.