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Realized within just 10 days, I invited 26 citizens to tell me about their personal visions for the vacant urban spaces that are everywhere in Kyoto. Consequently IN_BETWEEN transformed a remnant space into a temporary gallery and ordinary people into artists who kneaded unfulfilled desires into play dough sculptures.

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videos26 Visions (in 3D)
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Camelia by Adam Reising

“I love the CSG stuff — I'm always urging my Japanese friends to use interesting temporary spaces rather than spend all their money on renting a white cube for a week! So nice to see it *is* possible in Japan :) The catalogue looks great too (of course!) I'll be printing that out next time I'm near a colour printer... Phantom Houses! Sugoi! Kono shashin ha DAIsuki! [superb, i dig those photographs!] Bravo! Congratulations on a very nice lo-tech(?) but high impact project! ”
commentsNikki Pough, Birmingham

“I loved your IN_BETWEEN gallery! As I scrolled through the exhibits, I kept thinking they just couldn't get any better. At first my favorite was the kids park, then the yoga observatory, then the lantern party. I'd love to take my date to that romantic lounge with lychee fruit!”
commentsHeidi Kauffmann

“Thank you for todays pleasant IN_BETWEEN event and good to see many people connect and enjoy. Let me know next time when you need my assistance again.”
commentsMakiko Hori, IN_BETWEEN gallerist

“Hey, attending the IN_BETWEEN show was a pleasure, even wet! I had tried to attends your events the previous years, but was not in Kyoto or not available. Your approach of creating participative art events in public spaces is very interesting. Very conceptual and at the same time very concrete, and generous, and easily understandable. I liked a lot some of the pieces made by your 'guinea pigs'! Showing brilliantly that anyone IS (not "can be") an artist !!! I really hope you will pursue it and would be very happy to participate too anytime you invite me...”
commentsTiery Le..., ad-hoc IN_BETWEEN videographer

“We really enjoyed your latest project — we went through the different empty lot designs the other night and thought they were fantastic!”
commentsChris Daniels

“Each empty space is an unfulfilled desire, and each of those people that you approached showed you their desire to create something. Because it was a small temporary unthreatening encounter. Each time you make one empty space a small temporary unthreatening space, it becomes visible to people.”
commentsLehan W. Ramsay, Hakodate

“Great project, Great organization. Beautiful graphics. Would love to be there. Good to hear from you Markuz.”
commentscella & klaus


“It is splendid to see how various people contribute their idea to a common goal. Our accidental encounter was a valuable experience for me and I am happy I could participate. It was a short but enjoyable conversation where the object I was shaping in my hands made me think deeper about the subject. Thanks for the valuable IN_BETWEEN catalog and let me know next time you do a similar event.”
commentsKaya Kuki, IN_BETWEEN artist


“Thanks Markuz for sending me the IN_BETWEEN project report, it was great to see what other the other visions look like. When I was younger I liked drawing so I was glad to create something artful after a long time of absence.”
commentsEri Omura, IN_BETWEEN artist


“Hi Markuz. It was a nice exhibition and I had a good time. With interest I was able to compare the points of view from the other creators. I hope to make a sculpture soon again and hope to stay in touch with you.”
commentsHinemos Hirune, IN_BETWEEN artist


“Thanks for inviting me to the IN_BETWEEN exhibition and sorry I couldn't make it. What a wonderful catalog you sent me! The clay sculptures of most participants are really impressive. Hope to see you soon again!”
commentsOjee, IN_BETWEEN artist


“I was happy to see the turnout of the IN_BETWEEN project in your report. Thank you for letting me participate. Please continue this eclectic kind of activity and keep me posted next time around: You have my full support.”
commentsYûko Iwasaki, IN_BETWEEN artist

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Curators Without Gallery
CURATORS WITHOUT GALLERIES / CONSERVATEURS SANS GALLERIE (CSG) is an international art organization established in 2009 by curators and citizens in Japan. Today CSG provides unusual artistic ventures to people worldwide who are excluded from the art system and institutionalized culture. CSG realizes independent, aesthetic interventions that create surprising art experiences in the everyday context through subtle shifts within human presence and co-existence.

Credits: Project IN_BETWEEN was made possible with the indispensable support of Yuka Saito, Makiko Hori, Tagaki-san, Mie Matsuoka, Ichikawa-san (barber), Thiery Le Cam, Paul Blazek, Lehan W. Ramsay, and all project participants.