Growing Fence (Beta)

Growing FenceBeta, the Vertical Garden for Rent.

In spring 2011, we converted the fence in front of our house into a communal, vertical garden: neighbors and passersbyers are invited to "rent" (free of charge) homes for beloved plants in this one-of-a-kind apartment structure.

By signing a rental agreement, local participants become tenants and commit themselves to create and tend a home for their (unborn) plants in the apartment building named Growing Fence (Beta). In this long-term, slowly evolving experiment (= Beta), a formerly static wall is being re-imagined to foster new plant life and networked relations. While the tenants are free to use and harvest their plant apartments at their own free will, the instigating artist finds himself in the role of real estate developer & landlord for plant-based life forms.

An Apartment Building for Plants


This vertical community garden has been built re-using discarted wood and supplies from a nearby art school and provides an integrated, low-footprint system with 1) vermi-composting and 2) rain water collection. This allowed to realize Growing Fence with less than US$ 40. Our pre-existing house has been converted (for the time being) into a realtor office and gardening support center for the duration of the project (open ended).


Vacancies Available!

Do you need to find a cozy home for your veggies, herbs or flowers? Are you interested in starting your own garden but don't have the space? Do you want to become part of a living community for seeds and plants? Then become a tenant of Growing Fence (Beta) free of charge and help us turn an empty fence into a home full of leafy life!

We can accommodate your plants with the following infrastructure and amenities:

  • 5400cm3 garden lots (75cm x 9cm x 8cm) for up to 20 tenants
  • Southern exposure (12 sun hours/day from 6:30 to 18:30)
  • Fertile ground (fresh, domestic soil)
  • Sustainable water supply from collected rain water
  • Landlord's watching eye that helps safeguards your plants


Find a Home for Your Plants Today!

Becoming a tenant of Growing Fence (Beta) is easy*: Fill in and sign this agreement, insert it into the mailbox and start moving in with your plants! We will confirm your Tenant Agreement and welcome you to Growing Fence (Beta). Tenants of Growing Fence (Beta) commit themselves to:

  • Populate their garden lots with own plants or seeds
  • Tend to their plants as needed
  • Share their experience with the landlords of Growing Fence (Beta)
  • learn about composting for fertilizing Growing Fence (Beta) next year
  • Take responsibility of their garden lot for a 12 month period

*Offer is on a first-come, first serve basis.


Slow, Long-term Process

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T H A N K · Y O U
Growing Fence (Beta) has been made possible with the generous support from Yuka Saito, Robin Russ, Ana Lorena Lima, Rumiko & Toshiki Yura, Murata-san, Makiko Hori, Takagi-san and Stefanie Schäfer.


The project was developed in close collaboration with Urban Farmers Japan (UFJ), Momentarium Productions and Curators Without Gallery (CWG).

Growing Fence (Beta)