Given To You

Given To You: Comments.

New year's greeting cards are a good tradition of mine. This time I decided to give away Tea Moments to 130 relatives and friends. The enclosed tea bag prompted the receiver with the option to keep it, pass it on, or make it into a shared tea time.

PDFCard artwork (PDF)

"I received your tea art on Tuesday, it's very beautiful, I want to show it to my students to inspire them. "
commentsLehan W. Ramsay, Hakodate

"Dear Markuz, thanks for your charming holiday message. Loved the tea pictures."
commentsStewart Wachs, Kyoto

"Tea under the bridge; coffee in the mountains; count me in for the hot chocolate in front of the fire project!"
commentsNikki Pugh, Birmingham

Given To You

We made two photo options, one with the more and the other with the less obvious landmarks


"The teapot and rat icons are beautifully distorted mirrors of one another. You are awesome! Much respect and best wishes always."
commentsVirgil Wong, New York

"Hi Markuz, thanks for the tea supply and happy new year to your wife and you."
commentsReto Hoffmann, Tokyo

"I am just about to have your tea, kettle is on in the sunny kitchen in London."
commentsRyoko Uyama, London

"I am definitely looking forward to a lovely tea moment."
commentsJennifer Delos Reyes, Regina

"Thank you so much for the fun card, wishes and tea options! I love it — and given all the options I am glad that the year is young..."
commentsKatrine Benninger, Berkeley

Given To You

130 photo-wrapped tea bags waiting to be shipped out...

"Thanks for the unique new year card & tea-bag. It's quite a pleasant surprise! i'll drink the tea and send good vibes your way!"
commentsTiffany Chung, San Gallery, Ho Chi Minh City

"Thanks for your New Year message and for the blackberry tea-bag! I think I'll keep it until I feel the need for some calming fruit infusion. "
commentsDeborah Mantle, Kyoto

"Dear Markuz. Thanks a lot for the wonderful New Year greeting — which caused a small incident with a neighbour and therefore arrived a bit late!!"
commentsBerit Nørgaard, Copenhagen

"Die Bilderserie ist wunderschön, manchmal auch etwas traurig, aber vielleicht ist dies ja auch nur meine Wahrnehmung. Vom Photographischen her finde ich sie wirklich gelungen."
commentsAsti Hagenbach, Basel

"Vielen lieben Dank für die Karte und den lieben Teebeutel. Ich mag die Idee und auch die Photos sehr. So heiter! "
commentsRumiko Kawaii, Kyoto

"Vielen Dank auch für den Brief mit dem tollen Teabag und dem coolen Rattenlogo."
commentsRoger Walch and Yoshiko Matsuda, Kyoto