(En)Counter Views

(En)Counter Shots

Per request of a sheep farmer in Villasor (southern Sardinia, Italy) an international group of ten visual artists realized in spring 2010 a 35-meter-long mural in less than 18 days.

The project evolved casually out of an unexpected encounter between Beatrice Catanzaro, Markuz Wernli Saitô and stock breeder Agostino Argis. The work engaged the farmer family, the artists and the community in a common, creative process that led to the exchange of views and the questioning of perspectives.

SLIDE SHOW: Realizing a 115 m² sized mural on very short notice
(Photos: Beatrice Catanzaro, Renée Lotenero, Markuz Wernli Saitô)

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The Murales: An Encounter of Viewpoints

The mural caters to the needs of the "commissioning" family and features imagery that refers directly to the life on the sheep farm (like "Gigolina", a dearly missed dog who died a few years ago). While the artists listened careful to the requests of the murales owner, they were also looking for ways to incorporate pointers to their own artistic work into the piece. In a common effort all parties helped define the graphic style and composition to reach a visual integrity for the mural to come to life.

Panorama of (En)Counter Shots Mural


SLIDE SHOW: Glimpses into Life of a Sardinian Farmer's Family
(Photos: Beatrice Catanzaro, Renée Lotenero, Markuz Wernli Saitô)

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The Murales in Geographical Context

The circular elements in the layout of the mural are inspired by the round landing pads of the nearby military airport and NATO base Villasor-Decimomannu.

Map of Azienda Arno

Villasor is located in the south of Sardinia in the province of Cagliari and has a population of about 7000 people.


Le Ville Matte

LE VILLE MATTE Artist Residencies is a long-term project with the purpose to offer possibilities for creative study and research in Sardinia, in order to stimulate new productions in the fields of music, writing and visual arts.

In April and May 2010 ten artists took part in the residency program LE VILLE MATTE in the town of Villasor, just north of Cagliari. This initiative has led to the creation of permanent installations, temporary interventions, and performances that have been created in close collaboration with the people of Villasor. The final exhibition was titled Supercalifragilistic (Mistaken Landscapes) and took place at the Former Convent of the Capuchins in Villasor between May and September 2010.



The Nonnis Family at Azienda Arno: Agostino, Elvira, Mersia, Cristiano, and our four-legged friends Jody & co.
Hands-on support: The Family of Nicola, Renato & Betti Marongiu, Mirko Fois & friends, ProLoco Villasor, Panificio (bakery of) Frongia Sergio in Desulo.
Supplies & bucket-loads of Paint: Filippo, Cristiano and Annalisa from Ferramenta Cieffe di Tocco.
Contributing Artists & Painters: Marika Asatiani, Augusto Buzzegoli, Giulia Casula, Beatrice Catanzaro, Rita Correddu, Estelle Deschamp, Simone Bertuzzi, Simone Trabucchi, Renée Lotenero, Chiara Agnello, Francesca Sassu, Rupen Boyadjan, Yuka Saitô, Steve Siegrist, Ethan Lotenero, and Gogi Dzodzuashvili.
Guest Curator: Chiara Agnello.
Organizers and coordinators: Giorgio Murtas, Francesca Sassu of Provincia di Cagliari - Assessorato Politiche Culturali e Promozione Sportiva.
Visiting Professor: Giancarlo Norese.


LE VILLE MATTE has been made possible with the collaboration and promotion of City of Villasor, Careof DOCVA, Kaleidoscope, Undo.net, Fondazione Antonio Ratti, Fondazione Spinola Banna.