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Momentarium is an initiative of events and happenings initiated by Markuz Wernli Saitô to chip away at pre-conceived ideas surrounding society, art and creation.

Conceptual Art

Detail from the careful instructions for the Shadow Followers project organized for The Bao Loc Project in Vietnam

Art in Direct Dialog with its Environment

My aim is to realize work that contains both social and artistic components. I see myself as an artist who creates situations where people are brought into active positions. Creativity is an important aspect, as is humor between the participants and myself. I believe in art as an invaluable contribution to the meaningful advancement of individual and society. At the center of my work is the question of how our society functions on the individual level. What does it take for a network to build? How do I get access to a community as an outsider? What does it take to get into the dialog? Human beings are fundamentally motivated by the desire for mutual recognition, to connect and to be present in an empowering and vitalizing way. In this sense we are the source of each other's completion. But we live in a world of inherited fear, cut off from each other by terror of humiliation and anxious images of ourselves and others that leave us trapped in our heads in a spiritual prison. In Social Practice it is about exploring the volatile mixture of longing and separation and the hope for transcending it in the co-creation of a more communal world.

I see art in the public realm as an instigation, which flourishes through communication. The artist - as a citizen among citizens - influences the social fabric as opposed to the solitary studio. I am interested in the relationship among people, particularly between artist and audience. Since I want to include others in my projects I prefer the personal encounter to the confrontation with the anonymous mass. Art should contribute to its environment; it should unleash untried directions and show alternative interpretations of what is right amidst our lives. Art in Public that comes to life though engagement and participation and is not to be confused with Public Art.

Conceptual Art

Markuz' interventions question the unusual codes of conduct in an effort to create openings and connections that didn't exist before (photo Dana Shukster)

Short Bio
Markuz Wernli Saito is a cultural practitioner and conceptual artist from Switzerland based in Kyoto and San Francisco. Fascinated by the social mechanics among humans and communities, he attempts to discard preconceptions, revisit the ways of perception, and turn the mundane into communal experiences. Each moment of the everyday, every action of living, poses the question how it might be lived differently, more truthfully and respectfully. Through the conscious experiment and artful intervention Markuz' addresses the inter-personal challenges in public spaces. Markuz holds a Masters in Fine Arts from Transart Institute in Linz, Austria, and engages in creative group collaborations and individual project work worldwide.

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Momentarium creates situations where our very presence becomes the catalyst for shifting experiences we can integrate into our lives by fusing reality with co-created artifice.

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