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Momentarium is an initiative of events and happenings initiated by Markuz Wernli Saitô to chip away at pre-conceived ideas surrounding society, art and creation.

The project, which began in January 2006, investigates the aspects around open and public engagement that usually remain hidden, including attitudes, visions and failures in everyday situations through and with its participants, thus opening up a debate around contemporary culture. This is done by creating a place for small-scale public instigations outside of the artistic and academic framework.

Conceptual Art

A contribution to the Forbidden Art project of Emergency Biennale, a curated collection of prohibited projects due to external resistance (photo Sonja Wenger)

Open engagement is of particular interest here because it is a creative process of (re)negotiating the social basics like connection, confrontation, conflation and lateral participation that is based on empathy. The meeting of attitudes holds questions around what is done with indifference, with constructing belief and claiming the world around us. Underlining all is the positive inclination towards the curious, the experiment and imminent failures that makes possible evasive gestures and models for alternative exchanges.

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Momentarium creates situations where our very presence becomes the catalyst for shifting experiences we can integrate into our lives by fusing reality with co-created artifice.

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